Xbox 360 emulator - can it be made ?

Yes it can, but at this time the PCs are too slow to handle it .

Preparing for the future

Microsoft XBOX 360 Emulators

It will be a LONG LONG time before we see Xbox 360 emulated on PC or Mac, but lets not be sad about it - Xbox360 itself is one hell of a powerfully PC so what we sure will se are emulators of other console systems like GBA, SEGA, SNES, PlayStation and so on popping up like mushrooms after a rain.

XBOX 1 currently has emulators for following console systems:

Amiga Amstrad CPC Apple Arcade Atari Colecovision Commodore 64 Daphne Game Boy Game Boy Advance Game Gear Genesis aka Mega Drive Intellivision Master System MSX Neo Geo Pocket Nintendo Nintendo 64 Odyssey PC Engine Pet Playstation Scumm VM Sega 32x aka Mega 32x Sega CD aka Mega CD Sega SG-1000 Sierra Spectrum Super Nintendo Vic 20 Wonder Swan x86 x68000.

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Don't expect an Xbox 360 emu that could render these kind of 3D graphics on PC for at least 3-5 years.

To run emulators on Xbox360 you need a modchip.
The First Xbox 360 Mod Chip that is compatible with all types of Xbox360 DVD Drives is Globe 360. If you want to play Homebrew applications, Emulators, Roms, DVD-R backups of games etc. on your Xbox 360 - this modchip is what you need! The Globe 360 mod-chip doesn't require you to take the DVD drive out from the x360 console as it uses ACTEL CPLD and bypasses the Xbox 360 drive-key check. No Firmware Hack Needed! Original firmware is preserved and as a resolt no need for any firmware-reading or flashing. Another great feature of the Globe 360 Mod Chip is that it is truly universal Xbox 360 DVD-Drive upgrader. Upgraded DVD firmware leads to better performance of your Xbox 360 DVD drive when reading recorder backup DVD-R DL discs. Upgrade features DVD Drive-key "on-the-fly" patching, which automatically boots the "unsigned" firmware on-board! For Xbox 360 Live Fans to awoid detection by Micrososft, this modchip comes with an easy ON/OFF switch which works through the 360 Power button and is easily programmable. I

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