Xbox 360 emulator - can it be made ?

Yes it can, but at this time the PCs are too slow to handle it .

Preparing for the future

Microsoft XBOX 360 Emulator.

xbox 360 emulator screenshotFirst we will have a large number of emulators that will emulate ROMS from other console systems like GBA, SEGA, SNES, PlayStation. As you most likely already know Neo Geo Pocket Nintendo Nintendo 64 Odyssey PC Engine Pet Playstation Scumm VM Sega 32x aka Mega 32x Sega CD aka Mega CD Sega SG-1000 Sierra Spectrum Super Nintendo Vic 20 Wonder Swan x86 x68000 Amiga Amstrad CPC Apple Arcade Atari Colecovision Commodore 64 Daphne Game Boy Game Boy Advance Game Gear Genesis aka Mega Drive Intellivision Master System MSX are all emulated on the current XBOX.

So what it we are doing here is coming up with some names that could fit the eventual Xbox Emulator for PC - when it comes out...

xbox 360 emulator x360emu

Above image is a CONCEPT of the Xbox360 that was widely circulated before the actual console was released ;)