Xbox 360 emulator - can it be made ?

Yes it can, but at this time the PCs are too slow to handle it .

Problems with my Xbox360

The Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death:
Discover the Cause and Possible Solution

The Xbox 360 is one of the most exciting gaming systems you can get. It has great graphics, an exciting range of online play and many other options that you can get. The huge flaw with the Xbox 360's is the “Red Ring of Death”. This error can affect any Xbox 360 at anytime anywhere. The new Xbox 360's with the Falcon chips are less likely to receive the error but are still succepable to it.

So exactly what causes the Red Ring of Death or xbox three red lights? Will my Xbox 360 be affected? Is there anyway to tell ahead of time or to prevent it? What can I do if it happens?

The first most important thing is to understand what is going on with your Xbox 360. When the Xbox 360 was in production Microsoft skipped over some critical aspects of research and discovery. The cause of these things not having enough time spent on them is the red ring of death errors that the Xbox 360 now experiences.

The two biggest causes of the xbox 360 flashing red lights is, one; the heat sinks are not large enough to properly cool the Xbox 360 down. The second is that the material the solder is made out of is not sufficient to withstand the heat that the xbox puts out. So when the motherboard heats up and expands the solder's small cracks become large and the GPU soon disconnects from the motherboard. When this happens your machine will crash.

So now what do I do?

Your Xbox 360 has been affected by this problem and the 3 red rings show up on your console, Uh oh it's gonna blow! No really, relax it's not quite that bad(close though). There are a few troubleshooting tips you should try prior to sending your console away or ripping it apart. The first is to simply reboot your console. If that works, great you can just continue you on. If it doesn' work check your power bar. The light on the power bar should be green. If it is red or orange this means there is not enough power to sufficiently power your Xbox 360 or that the power bar has a problem. If your power bar is fine, shut the Xbox 360 down, pull out all controllers and cords and plug them back in securly then reboot. If that doesn't work try removing the hard drive and booting without it. If the error doesn't show up again then put back the hard drive and reboot.

How Do I Fix It?

As mentioned previously if you have warranty remaining on your Xbox 360 it is hightly recommened that you send your console back to Microsoft, as any work you do to it will void all warranty. If you have no warranty remaining on your Xbox 360 there are a couple options you have. You can send your your console away for about $150.00, though you may not have a console for a few months. The other option is to fix the console your self. That will take you just a little over an hour and be much cheaper. If you decide to pursue the fix yourself, it is a great idea to have a manual and a step by step video with instructions. You can find all that information here .

What is the 1 red light error?

The 1 red light error is classified by Microsoft as a “hardware failure”. It can very easily be related to the 3 red light error and the overheating problems. The 1 red light error is a bit harder to diagnose. The error presents with and EXX code and each code is specific. Here are some of the most common error codes.